Chronic Health Conditions Increase Your Risk for Severe Covid-19

Covid-19 has us thinking about our health. Will you be OK if you get Covid-19? Does your excellent health make Covid-19 a non-issue for you, or are you concerned that your health puts you at greater risk than you’d like? Chronic health conditions increase your risk for a severe case of Covid-19.

Healthy Banana Bread Recipe

Coconut & Oat Flour Banana Bread Who doesn't love banana bread? Thats right, everyone loves banana bread, unfortunately, so many recipes are loaded with sugar.  I don't want to live without snacks like this, so that is why I like to create healthy versions of them.  When bananas ripen their original starch turns into sugar. […]

Pumpkin Banana Bars Recipe

Healthy Pumpkin Banana Bars Hi everyone! Happy October! As it starts to get colder and the holiday season approaches, we tend to splurge a bit more and sometimes make some unhealthy food choices. I know I do much better if I have pre-made goodies on hand. If you are craving a little something here and […]

Favorite Chicken Marinade

Baked Chicken Marinade Baked chicken is one of my favorite things to meal prep with. It is so simple, hands off, and tastes delicious for days. Baking the chicken breasts is great because you just have to set the oven to 350º, flip them once, then pull them out of the oven and enjoy. Baking […]

Barbell vs. Machine: What exercise increases testosterone 25% and growth hormone 200%?

Study Compares Squats Against the Leg Press “There is simply no other exercise, and certainly no machine, that produces the level of…muscular stimulation and growth…than the correctly performed full squat.” – Mark Rippetoe Mark Rippetoe’s quotation from Starting Strength is a timeless reminder of how to prioritize strength training. If you want to be strong, […]

Chickpea Banana Protein Bars Recipe

Chickpea Banana Protein Bars A few months ago I fell in love with chickpeas. They provide slow releasing carbohydrates, which help to control sugar levels. These legumes are also a great source of protein, and have tons of fiber to help with digestion.  Chickpeas also contain numerous essential vitamins and minerals. Besides the natural dietary […]

Healthy Oatmeal Pancakes +Recipe

Healthy Oatmeal Pancakes At one point this year I ate pancakes for breakfast every single morning for no joke, three months straight. It was safe to say, I was obsessed. There are tons healthy oatmeal pancake recipes out there to choose from. My recipes are great because you can make them in a small blender […]

Meal Prepping + Quinoa Recipe

Meal Prepping One of the biggest struggles when trying to eat healthy is having the motivation and time to make healthy food. When you try to follow the whole foods, one ingredient rule like I do, you kind of have to take the time to put all those whole, single ingredients together, to make something […]

No-Bake Banana Bread Protein Bar

No-Bake Banana Bread Protein Bar Recipe: Craving something sweet? Something delicious? But want it to be healthy? Well I have a solution for you… Make these bars! They are extremely easy to make, require no special baking tools, except a bowl, measuring cups, and a little bit of elbow grease. These bars are an excellent […]

Simple Tips for a Healthier You

Simple tricks that helped me look and feel better We have all heard these sayings, “you are what you eat,” or “what you put in your body is what you get out.”  Sounds like a really simple concept to me, but with our hectic, unpredictable lives, and daily stressors this idea can become a challenging […]