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Health is a Lifelong Pursuit

I've been interested in being healthy my whole life.  Health has many facets, and I now pursue physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health.

My Background:

  • love of sports made me interested in fitness and nutrition
  • early exposure to information about nutrition and training on performance has had a lifelong impact
  • pretending to be sick was not allowed when I was in school
  • when I get sick, it makes me appreciate my health
  • becoming a Christian helped me realize the power of prayer and gratitude
  • being healthy is a blessing, and past injuries make me appreciate every day I am healthy

As a child, I was fortunate not to get sick very much, and unless I was throwing up, Mom sent me to school anyway.  With no reason to pretend to be sick, I guess I decided to be healthy.

I loved sports and being active as a kid, and I still do today. Growing up in Minnesota, I played hockey, and I still do. I was a "rink rat" growing up, and playing outdoors is one of my favorite activities. My earliest memory on the benefits of training and nutrition come from Bill Cushman, the  speedskating Coach who taught the "Power Skating" class. Bill was a great teacher; his workouts and nutrition classes were ahead of their time. Thanks Bill.

When my father began running marathons in the mid seventies, he bought many books on excercise and nutrition, and my interest in fitness and nutrition was sealed. I don't recall talking about living a healthy lifestyle much but evidently more than a few people thought I was a health nut. I was voted most likely to live to 100 in high school.

Regarding nutrition and fitness, what I thought made us healthy in the 70s and 80s is not really very healthy. Healthy Fat was an oxymoron and running long distances was good. Now, healthy fats actually promote health, and sprinting, high intensity sports like hockey, and strength training are higher priorities than cardio.

Today, as a father of four girls, my wife and I pass on our experiences with fitness, eating well, and being healthy. My daughter Anna studies nutrition in college, and she contributes to this blog.

At Healthy Life Pro, we will share the health, fitness, and nutrition information we think you will find valuable. I'm excited to share our stories!

Here is a link to the first real post: It took 5 years to get Fat, How I reversed course...

About Anna

Contact Info:

[email protected]

I have a Bachelor of Science in Dietetics from Minnesota State University, and I played on the University's women's soccer team, one of the top division II programs in the country. I am now in a Masters Program in Kinesiology and Nutrition at Miami University in Ohio. I will become a Registered Dietician Nutritionist and I'm currently interested in opportunities in Corporate Wellness.

Throughout my childhood, my parents were consistent examples of how to live a healthy lifestyle. They always made homemade meals, limited my sister's and my dessert portions, gave me opportunities to play on many different sports teams, and always encouraged their children to be active. Being active was not a problem for me, as I played soccer year round, for at least 3 or 4 days a week, ran track, played basketball, and spent as much time playing outside with the neighborhood boys as possible.

I always considered myself healthy and fit, as I could run a sub 6 minute mile without much practice, and because I played on elite soccer teams, but despite that, I struggled with excess weight around my waist. I was not quite happy with what I saw in the mirror.

Since December 2016, I have dedicated myself to learning about nutrition and training to help transform my body into the healthiest it can possibly be. I have made huge progress and would love to share my experiences, strategies, and expertise in order to help you reach your "body goals" and feel great in your own skin.

If interested in personalized health coaching to achieve your health goals, please contact me to start your program.

Email: [email protected]