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I have just completed my sophomore year in college at Minnesota State University. I am studying dietetics and nutrition to become a Registered Dietician Nutritionist. I play on the University's women's soccer team, one of the top division II programs in the country.

Throughout my childhood, my parents were consistent examples of how to live a healthy lifestyle. They always made homemade meals, limited my sister's and my dessert portions, gave me opportunities to play on many different sports teams, and always encouraged their children to be active. Being active was not a problem for me, as I played soccer year round, for at least 3 or 4 days a week, ran track, played basketball, and spent as much time playing outside with the neighborhood boys as possible.

I always considered myself healthy and fit, as I could run a sub 6 minute mile without much practice, and because I played on elite soccer teams, but despite that, I struggled with excess weight around my waist. I was not quite happy with what I saw in the mirror.

Since December 2016, I have dedicated myself to learning about nutrition and training to help transform my body into the healthiest it can possibly be. I have made huge progress and would love to share my experiences, strategies, and expertise in order to help you reach your “body goals” and feel great in your own skin.

If interested in personalized health coaching to achieve your health goals, please contact me to start your program.

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