It took me five years to get Fat. How I reversed course..

How Did I Get a Fat Belly?

In 2016, our family vacationed in Puerto Vallarta. It was a great trip. We went on some good adventures and spent great family time. Unfortunately, the pictures were not so kind to me. I could still do things like climb a rock wall with a rope, but I looked heavy. Other pictures were even less flattering. Not only was I five shades whiter than my wife and daughters, I had a belly, and they called me on it. I weighed 181 pounds – about the most ever.

Clearly I needed to change some habits if I wanted to be fit and look like I did when I was younger. I had good intentions, but I did not really act until September when I got a Fitbit.

Fitbit Surge

Lost 5 pounds in less than 5 weeks

I weighed 177 on September 13th, 2016 and began tracking exercise, food, sleep, and my weight. Suddenly, the Fitbit was helping me be accountable for working out regularly and not bingeing on chips at night. By mid-October, I was down to 172. Feeling good, I relaxed and stopped tracking calories. Fortunately, our Sunday night hockey season started, and I could see how my heart rate changed on every shift. It was very motivating, and I kept working out regularly through the season.

How did I gain 8 pounds in 8 weeks?

Unfortunately, my eating habits were inconsistent. Sometimes, when I got hungry at night, I would get a large bag of Costco corn chips and chow. If I really binged on chips, I would feel sick after eating them. I also enjoyed a beer or two after hockey. In January 2017, my weight began climbing to 175 in the beginning of February and by the end of February, about 180! I was too disappointed to log my real weight in the Fitbit; I only entered 175. Too much beer and chips cost me.

Same Fat Dad in Mexico

We went to Mexico again in March 2017, and I still had the “Dad bod” as my wonderful wife Deb said. Knowing I had lost five pounds in the fall, I knew I could do it again. I decided to eat less junk food, drink less beer, and exercise more consistently. I ate better and exercised on vacation, on business trips, and at home. By May 7th, my actual weight was 175, so now I entered my real weight in the Fitbit.

What am I Missing?

While I was able to lose weight again, I started wondering if I was missing something, so I ordered a few books on Amazon. Here is the first I read. I will share what I've learned on the next post.

The Bulletproof Diet

Here is a link to this next Post about what I learned and use from the Bulletproof Diet:

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