Healthy Snacking

Lose weight without trying by making one simple switch

A lot of people ask me “Anna, what do you eat?”

One way I answer this question is by telling them what I don't eat.

A simple change that has made a huge difference in my appearance, energy, and overall health has been changing the way that I snack.

Before I was aware of the effect that my food choices had on my body, like any normal person, when I got hungry in between meals I would reach for that box of Cheez-its, or the bowl of chocolate cereal, or the box of salty crackers. Since I have become informed on the effect that food has on my body, I have changed the way I snack.

This simple, conscious switch of food has created a major impact on how I look and feel. It took a little practice to get to the point of craving healthy snacks, but now I wouldn't even think twice if I had to choose between carrots with hummus or a bag of Cheetos.

So how do I know what a healthy snack is?

The more unprocessed the food is, the better. When I shop for groceries, I always aim to buy things that have a single ingredient or the fewest ingredients possible. I want my food to be the most minimally processed it can be. That means eating whole foods, like vegetables, fruits, nuts, cheese, etc. I eat whole foods and minimally processed foods because they do not contain preservatives, added sweeteners, unhealthy oils and fats, or artificial colors and flavors.

It is crazy how much the kind of food you choose to fuel your body with has on your health and appearance. I can guarantee you that if you made the switch from highly processed snacks to whole foods, you would see a noticeable difference in your appearance and energy.

Below I have listed some quick healthy snack options that I frequently choose to eat in between my meals.

Sweet Snack Options:

  • apple
  • banana
  • pear
  • orange
  • grapes

Salty Snack Options:

Have a serving of nuts *make sure you are aware of your portion size as nuts are a calorie dense food.

100 calories of nuts or nut butter=

  • 14 almonds, or 1 Tbsp natural Almond butter
  • 17 peanuts, or 1 Tbsp of natural peanut butter
  • 25 pistachios
  • 10 cashews

Savory Snack Options:

  • Slice of cheese
  • Plain Greek yogurt with berries

Combo/ Advanced Snack Options:

Another tip I will give you is- if you don't buy the bag of chips or whatever unhealthy food you can't resist at the grocery store, then you literally can not eat it. This will force you choose another option to satisfy your hunger. Hopefully that option is the apple or celery with peanut butter instead of the bag of chips.

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