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Bulletproof Coffee

In 2015, I read about how Dave Asprey was inspired to develop Bulletproof Coffee. Trekking in the Himalayas at 18,300 feet, “I staggered into her guesthouse chilled from the -10 F air and she rejuvenated me with a creamy cup of traditional yak butter tea. I couldn't get enough of it. The biohacker in me asked, “Why does drinking this stuff make me feel so good even though there's no air?” – The Bulletproof Diet,  page 69

Curious, I decided to try some grass-fed, unsalted butter and coconut oil with my morning coffee. Like Dave, I felt great, and I wasn't hungry for hours. Ever since, my breakfast has been coffee and healthy fat. However, intermittent fasting and Bulletproof Coffee are not silver bullets that melted all my fat. When I ate too much junk later in the day, I gained weight. So as I mentioned previously, I decided to get The Bulletproof Diet and a few other nutrition books I had heard about on podcasts. My goals were to lose the belly fat and build muscle, and 170 pounds was the interim goal.

The Bulletproof Diet

I read it when it arrived in May 2017, and I continue to refer to it today. While it may sound like a diet book, it also addresses exercise, sleep, fasting, cooking, supplements, and other biohacks. Here are a few Chapter Headings:

1. Biohack Your Diet to Lose Weight and Upgrade Your Life

2. What You Think is Good for You Might be Making You Fat, Sick, and Stupid

3. Stop Counting Calories, Eat More Fat, and Trust Your Hunger

5. Sleep Better and Boost Your Energy

6. Work Out Less and Get More Muscle

8. Why the Bulletproof Diet Works for Men and Women

I highly recommend getting the book and checking out the Bulletproof Store.

Bulletproof Nutrition

The book contains over 70 pages about what makes foods Bulletproof and what makes them Kryptonite. It is worth reading. Follow the Bulletproof Diet principles. Eat bulletproof foods and avoid the kryptonite foods. Do intermittent fasting with Bulletproof Coffee and a Protein Fast once a week. Get your body to burn fat and get your hormones in balance.

Bulletproof Food – or close to it

  • Eat More Healthy Fat (confirmed by multiple sources) Avocado Oil, Coconut Oil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Grass-fed butter, grass-fed red meat fat…
  • Eat Grass-Fed Beef and Lamb
  • Eat Pastured Eggs, not industrial eggs from unhealthy corn fed chickens
  • Eat Wild Fish and Seafood, not farmed fish or seafood
  • Eat Healthy Organic Vegetables and Greens, not vegetables high in pesticides or anti-nutrients like lectins
  • Eat Healthy Starches like sweet potatoes
  • Eat Healthy Fruit in moderation – berries, lemons, limes…

Kryptonite Foods

  • Stop Eating Unhealthy Fats (Trans Fat, Polyunsaturated Fat – vegetable oil in clear bottles, grain-fed butter or lard)
  • Stop Eating Unhealthy Meats – grain-fed beef, chicken, pork
  • Stop Eating Processed Foods or Drinks that contain sugar, grains, and unhealthy fats
  • Stop Eating Unhealthy Starches – corn, soy, wheat… especially GMOs with chemicals or high in antinutrients like phytates or lectins
  • Avoid Vegetables and Starches with anti nutrients that are not neutralized by soaking, fermenting, or pressure cooking
  • Avoid Fruit high in sugar, low in nutrients, and high in chemicals.

The Difference This Time

Here is what made the difference in going from 180 in Spring 2017 to under 170 today.

Cut high-carb binges by 90% or more:

  • Corn chips, Potato chips, crackers, bars, and other convenience foods.
  • Less Bread – I still eat bread but I eat less and put more healthy fat on it.

Now that I've been below 170 for a few months, I still have fat to lose and muscle to gain.

* The title of today's Post is the subtitle of The Bulletproof Diet.

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