Simple Tips for a Healthier You

Simple tricks that helped me look and feel better

We have all heard these sayings, “you are what you eat,” or “what you put in your body is what you get out.”  Sounds like a really simple concept to me, but with our hectic, unpredictable lives, and daily stressors this idea can become a challenging thing to accomplish.

Here are a few lifestyle changes and simple tricks that have helped me achieve the figure I always wanted.

Tip #1: Drink more water— especially a glass right when wake up

When I wake up in the morning I immediately reach for my Gatorade water bottle and drink between 16 to 24 oz of water. This morning glass of water has many benefits. When you sleep you have just gone 7 or 8 hours without drinking, so even if you don't think you're thirsty, you really are. There have been countless studies that show drinking a 16 oz glass of water can increase your metabolism. The water will also help you to feel full so you will automatically eat less too. Finally, while you're sleeping, your body repairs itself and gets rid of toxins. Drinking water will flush these toxins out right away in the morning.

Also don't stop with just the glass of water when you wake up, continue to drink water throughout the day. I carry around a water bottle with me all day long. Besides the fact that drinking more water will fill your stomach which will reduce hunger and cravings, it is also essential for your brain to function well. Your brain is made up of about 75% water. A dehydrated brain will make you feel fatigued and drained. Water will also aid in regulating normal bowel functions, energize muscles, and not to mention staying hydrated also helps your skin's complexion, and keeps your hair smooth and strong.

Tip #2: Cut excess and added sugars out

In American food production there is a copious amount of unnecessary added sugars to our food. Look at the ingredients list of the packaged food you buy sometime, I am sure you will see a sugar of some kind in the list.

I believe that not consuming these added sugars from processed or packaged food has been one of the main factors that has helped me lose that extra stubborn weight around my waist and has made me feel way more energized. My next tip is the way I avoid eating all these added sugars.

Tip #3: Buy groceries that have the least amount of ingredients possible. 

Quickly scan the ingredients on the food you buy to see what you are really eating. Common things like packaged cereals or crackers, contain added sugars, hydrogenated oils, artificial flavors and colors, etc. All these things can simply be avoided by buying whole foods with just one ingredient. If you really want crackers, find a brand with maybe 3 or 4 ingredients at the most.

Anna's sample weekly grocery list —>

For healthy snack ideas, here is what I eat for snacks —>

Tip #4: Learn to cook or at least learn how to read a recipe

Cooking food at home may seem daunting or annoying for people who don't like to spend their time in the kitchen, but eating at home will save your budget and your body. I like to say, “if you can read, you can cook.” It really is that simple. Take the little extra time to buy your groceries strategically and make your food at home. Meal prepping one day of the week can help with this.

Tip #5: Eat smaller meals, more frequently

There are a few reasons why I choose to break my meals into smaller ones at about 3-4 hours apart instead of of 3 large meals. One reason is I love food and want to eat as often as possible. Another more scientific reason is it keeps your metabolism going and provides you with a constant flow of energy to help you throughout the day. It also helps me to not overeat on during my meals because I know it won't be that long until the next time i get to eat. On an Ideal day I would eat about 5 or 6 meals spaced out by about 3 hours.

Tip #6: Eat a filling breakfast

Most people do not even eat breakfast which honestly kind of makes my heart hurt for them a little. Right when I wake up I eat about 400-500 calories for my breakfast. You burn calories in your sleep so your body needs a good size breakfast to give it energy and get you going for the day.

Here are a few of my recipes for healthy breakfast options:


I hope these six tips help you to achieve your health goals, I know they have helped me tremendously!

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